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Youth Development

Youth Development

All young people need support and opportunities to make a successful transition to adulthood.

St John Ambulance badgers, cadets and youth programs are designed to enable youths to become responsible, healthy productive citizens. Young people are empowered to invest and grow skills to reach their full potential for becoming competent and contributing participants in their friendship and peer groups, families, schools and communities.

Our initiatives focuses on utilization of experiential community based youth development practices which recognize the worth and dignity of every individual. The development of life skills enables young people to become caring, coping and competent citizens who will build strong foundations for our future.

Eradication of idleness and engagement of the youth in different activities is very crucial for National development. About ten million youths are unemployed today and facing the risk of becoming a risk and security threat to this country. This has been caused by lack of alternative ways in which youths can exercise their energy constructively. St John volunteer and membership activities are some of the avenues that increases responsibility in our youths.