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Emergency Response

Emergency Response

When catastrophe strikes, the St John Ambulance delivers rapid, lifesaving aid that reduces suffering of the victims. Emergency response is one of the St John’s globally-recognized strengths and this capacity has put the 86-year-old organization on the frontlines of many of the worst crises in recent times—from Westgate mall attack to Sinai f tragedy.

We have highly experience Emergency Response Teams countrywide with expertise in key areas necessary to assess critical needs and mount an effective response to sudden emergencies.

Despite the over 3000 emergencies St John’s Ambulance responds to every year, the organization occasionally provides medical treatments, nutritional and psychosocial support to those living in poor villages – giving hope even during their most stressful and uncertain moments.

Having realized that most accidents occur near blacks spots, St John has established 15 highway rescue centers spread along Mombasa –Malaba Highway, under the Highway emergency response program.

This have been successful in reducing the number of fatalities when accident occurs. Nearly 1,000 road crash victims are rescued every year by St John ?rst responders located at the centers.

In case of an emergency, you can reach St John Ambulance on 0721-225285 or (020)2210000